UPS & Central Battery Systems – CBS

AmaxInfotech presents advanced Central Battery Systems (CBS), providing reliable emergency lighting solutions for various applications. Our comprehensive CBS solutions offer centralized power distribution to emergency luminaires, exit signs, and other essential lighting fixtures, ensuring continuous illumination during power outages or emergencies. With features such as automatic testing, monitoring, and fault detection, our CBS solutions provide peace of mind by ensuring the readiness and reliability of emergency lighting systems. Whether you’re managing a commercial building, healthcare facility, or industrial site, our customizable CBS solutions offer scalability and flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Trust AmaxInfotech to deliver Central Battery Systems that enhance safety, compliance, and reliability, ensuring occupants can safely evacuate in emergency situations.

Metal Detection Systems

AmaxInfotech provides state-of-the-art Metal Detection Systems designed to enhance security and safety in various environments. Our comprehensive solutions utilize advanced technology to accurately detect metallic objects, ensuring thorough screening and threat mitigation in high-risk areas. Whether you’re securing public venues, transportation hubs, or critical infrastructure, our Metal Detection Systems offer customizable configurations to meet your specific security requirements. With features such as multi-zone detection, sensitivity adjustments, and automatic alarm notifications, our systems provide reliable screening while minimizing false alarms. Additionally, our solutions can be integrated with access control systems and video surveillance for comprehensive security coverage. Trust AmaxInfotech to deliver Metal Detection Systems that prioritize safety, mitigate risks, and protect your assets and personnel with unmatched reliability and efficiency.

Parking Management Systems

AmaxInfotech offers comprehensive Parking Management Systems designed to optimize parking space utilization, enhance convenience for users, and streamline parking operations. Our solutions leverage advanced technology to provide efficient and user-friendly parking experiences for both facility managers and users. With features such as license plate recognition, real-time parking availability monitoring, and mobile app integration, our Parking Management Systems enable seamless entry and exit for vehicles while reducing congestion and wait times. Additionally, our systems offer revenue management capabilities, automated payment processing, and reporting functionalities to streamline financial transactions and improve operational efficiency. Whether you manage a parking garage, a parking lot, or a multi-level parking facility, trust AmaxInfotech to deliver Parking Management Systems that enhance the overall parking experience and maximize revenue potential.

Intrusion & Burglar Alarm Systems

AmaxInfotech offers advanced Intrusion & Burglar Alarm Systems designed to safeguard your property and assets against unauthorized access and intrusions. Our comprehensive solutions combine cutting-edge technology with robust security features to provide round-the-clock protection for residential, commercial, and industrial premises. Featuring motion sensors, door/window contacts, and glass break detectors, our alarm systems offer reliable detection of unauthorized entry attempts. With options for wired or wireless installations and integration with surveillance cameras and monitoring services, our solutions provide a multi-layered approach to security. Whether you’re protecting a single location or a network of facilities, trust AmaxInfotech to deliver Intrusion & Burglar Alarm Systems that provide peace of mind and proactive security measures to deter intruders and mitigate risks.

Smart Building Control Systems

AmaxInfotech offers state-of-the-art Smart Building Control Systems designed to optimize energy efficiency, enhance occupant comfort, and streamline facility management. Our comprehensive solutions leverage cutting-edge technology to integrate building systems such as HVAC, lighting, security, and access control into a centralized platform. With advanced automation, real-time monitoring, and predictive analytics capabilities, our Smart Building Control Systems empower facility managers to remotely monitor and control building operations, identify energy-saving opportunities, and proactively address maintenance issues. Whether you’re managing commercial offices, residential complexes, or institutional facilities, our customizable solutions offer scalability, flexibility, and seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Trust AmaxInfotech to deliver Smart Building Control Systems that transform buildings into intelligent, sustainable, and future-ready spaces.

Que Management Systems

AmaxInfotech introduces innovative Que Management Systems designed to streamline customer service and enhance operational efficiency in various settings. Our comprehensive solutions utilize advanced technology to manage queues effectively, optimize customer flow, and reduce waiting times. Whether you operate in retail, healthcare, finance, or government sectors, our Que Management Systems offer customizable features such as virtual queuing, appointment scheduling, and real-time analytics to meet your specific needs. With intuitive interfaces for both customers and staff, our systems improve satisfaction levels and staff productivity while providing valuable insights for service optimization. Trust AmaxInfotech to deliver Que Management Systems that elevate customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and drive business success.

Access control systems

AmaxInfotech offers advanced Access Control Systems tailored to meet the security needs of modern enterprises. Our comprehensive solutions provide robust protection by regulating entry and exit points, monitoring access activities, and preventing unauthorized entry. Whether you require basic card-based access control or advanced biometric solutions, our systems offer scalability and flexibility to adapt to your evolving security requirements. With features such as centralized management, real-time monitoring, and customizable access levels, our solutions empower organizations to enforce security policies effectively while maintaining user convenience. Trust AmaxInfotech to provide Access Control Systems that enhance security, streamline operations, and safeguard your assets and personnel with unmatched reliability and efficiency.

Structure Cabling Systems

AmaxInfotech offers robust Structure Cabling Systems tailored to meet the connectivity needs of modern enterprises. Our comprehensive solutions provide a solid foundation for efficient data transmission, voice communication, and multimedia services across various environments. Whether you’re establishing a new office, upgrading your network infrastructure, or implementing smart building solutions, our structured cabling systems ensure reliable and scalable connectivity. With meticulous planning, quality components, and expert installation, we deliver solutions that support high-speed data transfer, minimize downtime, and accommodate future expansion. Trust AmaxInfotech to provide structured cabling systems that optimize your network performance, streamline operations, and support your organization’s growth objectives.

Audio & Video Systems

AmaxInfotech offers cutting-edge Audio & Video Systems designed to elevate entertainment and communication experiences in various settings. Our comprehensive solutions cater to residential, commercial, and institutional needs, providing immersive audiovisual experiences and seamless connectivity. Whether it’s a home theater system, conference room setup, or digital signage solution, we leverage advanced technology to deliver crystal-clear audio and stunning visuals. With features such as multi-room audio distribution, high-definition displays, and intuitive control interfaces, our systems enhance convenience and engagement for users. Whether you’re looking to create a cinematic experience at home or enhance collaboration in the workplace, trust AmaxInfotech to provide tailored Audio & Video Systems that exceed your expectations.

CCTV/Security Surveillance Systems

At AmaxInfotech, we offer state-of-the-art CCTV/Security Surveillance Systems, providing robust protection and peace of mind for diverse environments. Our comprehensive solutions combine cutting-edge technology with intuitive design to deliver unparalleled monitoring capabilities. Whether safeguarding commercial properties, industrial facilities, or residential complexes, our CCTV systems offer high-definition video surveillance, remote monitoring, and intelligent analytics for proactive threat detection. With features such as motion detection, facial recognition, and night vision, our systems ensure round-the-clock security and surveillance, deterring unauthorized access and enhancing incident response. Trust AmaxInfotech to provide tailored CCTV/Security Surveillance Systems that meet your specific security requirements, safeguarding your assets and personnel with unmatched reliability and efficiency.